Responding to next-generation needs

JR Freight embraces the latest technology in developing innovative locomotives, freight trains, and containers to meet Japan's evolving transportation needs.

M250 express container train, 'Super Rail Cargo' (The firstly developed power-diffused express container train for the purpose of highspeed transportation)

EF510 AC/DC electric locomotive (in service on AC/DC electrified portions of Hokuriku, Shinetsu, Kosei, Tokaido, and Sanyo Lines)

EH200 DC electric locomotive (in service on DC electrified portions of Joetsu, Takasaki, Chuo and Shinonoi Lines)
The ECO-POWER 'Kintaro', an EH500-model AC/DC electric locomotive (main routes: Tohoku, Joban, Sanyo and Kagoshima Lines)

The ECO-POWER 'Momotaro', an EF210-model DC electric locomotive (main routes: Tokaido and Sanyo Lines)

New tank trains are capable of speeds of up to 95 km/h, as fast as standard container trains