Developing new businesses
JR Freight is engaged in a variety of new business operations, based on our core distribution business and utilizing our human resources and property assets.
I-GARDEN AIR, a modern and enjoyable high-rise urban complex that is transforming the former Iidamachi freight station
Committed development of a high-rise office building complex

Iidabashi 3-chome in Chiyoda-ku (former site of the Iidamachi freight station) is home to a high-rise development that will invigorate the whole area. Utilizing the economies of scale on this prime JR site, we are fully committed to this leading project which will be pivotal to future business expansion.
Ario Kitasuna, a large and modern shopping mall that is transforming the former Onagigawa freight station
Ario Kitasuna
JR Freight built the large commercial complex in Kohtoh-ku to lend the major retail dealer. For example, emergency information TV system for guests,these buildings have many kinds of facilities for environment and disaster prevention.
Large-scale compound distribution facilities in freight terminal

Large-scale compound facilities that provide overall distribution functions such as disposal of goods, storage, distribution working, transshipment, etc. We will satisfy any types of transporting needs from customers by utilizing conveniences in combing with container transportation.
Refresh you all by healing & relaxing of your mind and body
Am Natural hot spring Tenjin Yuno Hana

In addition to the hot spring of 600 litre/m gushed from center of Fukuoka, there are total of ten kings of bathing menus such as jet bath , sauna, outdoor hot spring bath and Tubo-yu,that entertain all visitors. You also have a fun with our food and drink service, massage, Akasuri and so forth.Tenjin Yuno Hana is one of the most popular resorts nationwide.
To improve your affluent life
Rental apartment-Houses built for sale

Utilizing the residential lands JR own, rental apartment, condominium for business bachelors, condominiums built for sale and sale of building lots for individuals have been developed.
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